About The Watch Channel

The Watch Channel offers one of the most exclusive inventories of luxury watches.
With years of expertise, you can expect a guaranteed high standard of quality and contentment when buying your timepiece.

Our Expertise
Combined, our expert team of watch experts and enthusiasts have decades of experience. Additionally, the Company Director Ran Loupo has 20-odd years working in the watch and jewellery trade, assuring that you are receiving the best, soundest advice in the industry.
 Our Passion
Director Ran Loupo has a passion for luxury timepieces. His quest for perfection and elegance have earned him the reputation as the king of pre-owned watches. We at The Watch Channel mimic his passion and love for luxury watches.  The Watch Channel Advantage, being our reputation, expertise, and superb customer care means you can buy with confidence.

Our Watches
Buying pre-owned does not mean sacrificing on quality or condition, so we ensure that all our stock is as exceptional as possible before we sell it. From sourcing and storage to packaging and delivery, we look after our watches with the utmost care and respect. We endeavour to make sure that they are all as close to new as possible, both inside and out, and we always have an exclusive range to choose from.