Why Buy Pre owned

There are two main reasons to consider when purchasing a pre-owned watch. Firstly, you need to consider the depreciation on a pre-owned watch. Depreciation is more applicable for some watch brands/models than for others. Almost any watch will acquire some depreciation; it is up to you to decide how much depreciation is acceptable when considering the purchase of a pre-owned watch rather than a new one. Thanks to many timepieces’ lengthy shelf life and other watch fans’ fluctuating tastes, your money often goes further in the pre-owned market.  Secondly, the watch you desire may no longer be in production or no longer available. In this case, the only chance to obtain such a watch would be in the pre-owned market. Boosted buying power is not the only reason when opting for second-hand, you are also able to find an individual, unique timepiece that is rarely available.

  • Significant Discounts
Independent dealers such as The Watch Channel search the pre-owned market to discard unacceptable options, and perform a factory service and polish on all acceptable watches, as well as offer an optional longer warranty than the original factory one attached. Since The Watch Channel operates online, you will not be subject to an authorized dealer’s fees, much like you would incur when purchasing from a car dealership. If that sounds all well and good but maybe you would still prefer as new as possible, we guarantee there is a solution for you. There are watches out there that are ’never worn’, where the owner never removed the factory plastic seals or never worn. Perhaps the watch sat in a safe or safety deposit box, which is more common than you think.
  • Pre-Owned Watches Cost Less
The biggest hit of depreciation is during the transition from new to pre-owned. Many pre-owned watches will settle in price after this and depreciation will slow considerably, and some even increase in value through the chain reaction of price increases on new models, desirability and rarity.
  • Incremental Updates 
Some models are so similar because the updates needed are incremental. Changes or updates that happen to some brands are so far and few between, each previous generation looking nearly identical to its newer self, appreciating in value rather than becoming obsolete. This allows you the luxury to own a previous era and still achieve the prestige of owning a pre-sale watch. So if your budget places you in the bracket of 2004 and older or if you like an older style/model better, it’s not seen as inferior in any way, style or status.
  • Convenience
With The Watch Channel, you can purchase a pre-owned watch online and skip going to the store altogether when you know what you are looking for. There is no need to waste your valuable time. This is the epitome of internet convenience. You can browse through a selection at the pace you are comfortable with, where it’s less likely to fall subject to a feeling of needing to rush or any high-pressure sales tactics.