Watch Servicing

Timepieces consist of intricate mechanical parts that synchronize perfectly to function as they should. Therefore, watches need regular servicing to keep them performing at their best. A luxury watch should have a service every three to five years, or if the watch has a problem.

We offer the following services for timepieces purchased from The Watch Channel: Watch servicing, repairs, and refurbishment as well as battery replacements. Additionally, we conduct accuracy and efficiency testing as well as water resistance, ensuring that each watch falls within approval specified by the manufacturer before we return the timepiece to its owner.

- Water Damage: 
- The Watch Channel will not cover any damage to the timepiece caused by water. Even though timepieces have water resistant levels, it is advisable not to dive, swim or shower and submerge your timepiece in water.  Any existing warranty provided by The Watch Channel will be null and void if water damage occurs.